Top 5 Email Services in Europe

Email is the most demanded service of all time in the past few years with the increase in the number of handheld and portable gadgets this service has also been growing at an enormously rapid rate. Thus in order to stay up to date with all your emails that you get on a virtual address and Hotmail Aanmelden Email client is absolutely necessary for your usage of mail.

Email EuropeThis virtual email address can be made yours easily by using various email service providers in your region for both your business as well as individual users. So here we are bringing you with the Top 5 Email services that you can get for yourself in all of Europe.

#1. Eclipso

Eclipso is one of the best email services that you can get for yourself in the European region. Claiming itself to be the same Eclipso provides you with a bunch of first-class features that even international brands of email service providers sometimes fail to give to their users. Eclipso also supports android.
The Eclipso service provides you with a lot of services such as –
• Claims to be the best free mail service is all of Europe and it really is With the eclipso you can also sign up to other email services
• Provides users with unlimited disk space.
• Safe and secure with HTTPS class security of the web page like Hotmail Sign In.
• Let’s you password protect all your files as well as folders.
• Seamlessly promotes the sharing of files with friends.
• Allows users the ability to send SMS using email service for absolutely free.
• This free email account will provide you the handy ability to encrypt all the emails that you send online.


Have you ever felt that your email domain name is the most important and the best part of your email address then you should definitely check out and use its better service and the service which has made it famous lately? Though the default domain name of is cool enough and is even one letter shorter the email giant -> you-know-who. also shares mail servers on the network, But if you’re looking for something more specific than offers an enormous list of alternative domain names you’re your E-mail address to pick from, such as “”, and even ““ and the list doesn’t end over here.

#3. Yandex

Yandex is one of the most popular email service providers of Russia as well as in the Netherlands. Yandex is also the most popular alternative of Hotmail which also comes into consideration.
Yandex Provides its users with the following services –
• Is a search engine along with an email service provider.
• Allows you to create temporary email accounts for quick use.
• Equipped with high-quality SSL security.

#4. Hotmail

Hotmail It is quite old but still a working email service provider. They claim to be “private, secure” for free email accounts but Hotmail(quite famously) betrayed their user trust in 2007 by providing email details and correspondence to federal agencies, complying with a Canadian court order which forced them to do so. You can read a complete analysis of the incident in Wired’s Threat Level column of the time. So Hotmail is the best service you can get. If you are using Hotmail make sure you are not using any VPN or proxy.

#5. Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is another free email service provider that makes a complete suite of online productivity tools which include a spreadsheet, a Wiki service, and more services which even email giants like google and yahoo fail to provide. It is also 100% ad and bloatware free making it a good email client.